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pokersax oyna etiketine sahip kayıtlar gösteriliyor. Tüm kayıtları göster

20 Temmuz 2010 Salı

Terrorblade and Tobias Interview

Hi Terrorblade,

Thanx for accepting my offer for interview,

How did u start poker?

I have friend. Who is also a player from pokerstrategy.com. I start with fix limit quiz. I solve it and get my 50 dolars to my party poker acount so i played 0.25-0.50 shorthand .

Why fix limit?

Well i told u about i actually choose fix for the test i read some articles and i read and play a lot where i found it comfartable for me. And i need a lot of work now to move other variants.

Why fix limit shorthand at the start?

I couldn't find any fullring tables on partypoker and thats why start with shorthanded earlier.

Do you cash out every month or building a bankroll for higher stakes?

Of course yes.. I am already playing some 10-20 right now. I am moving up from 1-2 to 2-4 then 3-6 where i beat those stakes. Where i made a lot money with bonunses included.

Do you think when u win 1 bb in current limit is it right time to move up?

I don't think like that, i think i beat the limits when i make tiny value bets agaist my oppenents.

What is the secret of Fix limit?

For me definettly anger control. If u control your anger you can be succsefull poker player.

Are u planning to go any big mtt or wsop, move to no limit?

Well i am not in to mtt's and sng's i know u inverst a little and u win big but now i contrating on fix limit building on. I am not thinking of going no limit, i found no limit less exiting then fix limit. If I will move to another game this will be limit omaha not no limit.

Are u playing other games like badugi ,razz, stud games?

Hahaha, well i am not really in to them actually. I think i am not going to involve to another game style right now.

Thanx for the interview Terrorblade , i will follow your succsess on www.pokertableratings.com


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PokerSax Player Tobias interview

Hi Tobias thanx for interview...

While we are crusing in the new poker webpage i saw your nickname in every nl shorthand table where are u from and how did u find poker?
Hi i am from Germany actually from München i am Bavarian and thanx for the interview. I find the poker on tv and i thought it was gambling then i read some books and find it very exiting. So story goes.

How did u find out Pokersax? And why Pokersax?

Actually i was looking for rakeback and saw www.holdemturkiye.com and get rake from %40 and also %1000 promotion. I deposit 50 Euros and and clear my 500 Euro bonus. And then i start to move up and up. Maybe traffic is not very good at morning times but good at prime time. It is great i can even multitable 4 tables on 25NL.

As your stats you are have good tight disipline? How u making it this tight and make money?

Well pokersax have loads fishes, they don't understand the meaning of raise. And i also learn how to fold AA and KK. So it become more like a job then poker at last i cashout and make good amount of money.

What is your goal?
Well i wanna keep moving up here and play more table at time. Since i am a student i have lots of time for poker.

What are your hobbies?

Well i play football once a week with friends, also i love beer and computer games like starcraft, wow but now i am building my poker image then on Wow.

Do u play cash live ?

Actually i am a little affraid of live games as it natures maybe i will try then sooner or later..

Thanx for the interview

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